Arnold Answers Guide

We always recommend trying to find answers first before posting new questions.  Search first, post second! There’s often a good chance another user has run into a similar challenge before and the answer is already out there.  By searching first you’re respecting the community and keeping the signal/noise ratio in the high quality zone.

Help Each Other and Give Back to the Arnold Community

Lighting, Shading and Rendering are complex processes, even with Arnold. Everyone starts out somewhere and we call have hit a “wall” and been stuck. Ideally someone helped out so you learned how to overcome your challenges, and the Arnold Q&A Forum is where you can give back by sharing your knowledge with the community.

There are few basic guidelines.

  • Read the manual first! Have you checked to see if you can find the relevant information in the Arnold Documentation? Are you SURE? Don't post a question without first double checking to see if the information is in the docs.
  • Check your Arnold log files! Arnold log files contain a wealth of information that can offer clues for render errors or issues. Check your log files and have them available to share with the community.
  • Ask High Quality questions. Be clear and direct with your questions and keep the title as short as possible.
  • Provide all relevant and useful information about your situation. More details means more probability of a useful answer.
  • Always tag your questions so others with expertise can spot them.
  • Always include your Arnold plugin version and host 3D app version. Hardware specs are also helpful in many cases. At a minimum, always include your Arnold plugin version.
  • Only posts answers when answering a question.
  • Post comments when requesting more information or adding your own insights to an issue.
  • Use “Reply” when directly replying to another person’s comment.
  • Always be kind and supportive. Everyone is learning. No trash talking, trolling, bullying or inappropriate comments. Help other people and they’ll help you.

Solve Problems

Mark Answers

When you get an answer that helps you solve your issue, be sure to click the checkmark box to mark the answer as accepted. This tells others that the answer helped solve the problem and it tells moderators that the question was resolved.


Use the voting buttons to call out answers that help you solve questions you have, whether their your questions or not.  Upvoting is critical as it helps move useful answers up to the top.

Welcome to the Arnold Answers community.

This is the place for Arnold renderer users everywhere to ask and answer rendering questions, and share knowledge about using Arnold, Arnold plugins, workflows and developing tools with Arnold.

If you are a new user to Arnold Answers, please first check out our FAQ and User Guide for more information.

When posting questions, please be sure to select the appropriate Space for your Arnold plugin and include the plugin version you are using.

Please include images, scene and log files whenever possible as this helps the community answer your questions.

Instructions for generating full verbosity log files are available for MtoA, MaxtoA, C4DtoA, HtoA, KtoA, and Kick.

If you are looking for Arnold Documentation and Support please visit the Arnold Support site.

To try Arnold please visit the Arnold Trial page.

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