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AR VR Camera DOF

Hi, I am trying to render DOF for a Latlong VR Render.

Technically or VR theoretically it does not make so much sense to render with DOF as the Viewer should be able to decide in what Depth to look. But due to some VR phenomena this isn't fully possible anyways, and in some situations it still might be a desried artistic choice to use DOF. I then noticed that DOF does not work with the Houdini VR camera.

Also Redshift and Mantra do not support it. Is this technically impossible? I wouldn't know why, as it also outputs a correct Z-Depth AOV etc. and DOF should still behave just like in perspective Rendering.

Post DOF is not an option in this case as its a scene with lots of thin Hair / Transparency etc.

(I am using HtoA but I guess this is a Arnold Core thing...)

Would be great to know why it isn't working.


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