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SIGSEGV -- Invalid memory reference


Recently we have upgraded to Htoa-5.0.1_18.0.287.

There is an error with the ass rendering. I generated Ass of the shot, then render the Ass to exr using Kick commands.

SIGSEGV -- Invalid memory reference

However It renders fine in the older version Htoa-4.0.2_17.5.173

Please find the attached log.

htoahtoa arnold houdini
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Thanks for the error log -- it looks like it might be crashing during the triangle intersection part of the code, which could mean there is something "special" about the geometry you're trying to render. Is there anything about this mesh that could be unusual?

Is it possible to share this .ass file with us so we can debug what is going on? Ideally you'd strip away as much from the scene as you can until it's barebones and still crashing, but if you can't, that's ok.

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@Thiago Ize for the moment I can not share the .ass file. I know there is an issue with the mesh. I am bit confused that the lower Htoa version rendered the mesh successfully. One more thing, my scene resolution is 3840/2160. If I decrease it , it renders fine in current Htoa version.

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I suspect that it might be a small triangle that is causing problems which is only rarely hit by a ray. Lowering the resolution means fewer rays are being cast and so the problem geo is avoided. Likewise, it's possible older versions of arnold would also crash if you further increased the resolution or cast more camera rays so that this bad part is hit.

Can you provide any insights on what the issue is with the mesh? Would it be possible and easy to recreate a simple object with that issue which could then be shared?

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