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HtoA 4.3.0 for Houdini 17.5.391 license

Sorry this might seem odd but i would need some support on licensing.

I purchased 2 Arnold lics for HtoA 4.3.0 to use with Houdini 17.5.391.

HtoA is running inside Houdini:

Hoever i get the following licence error:

00:00:00 249MB | log started Tue May 26 22:28:42 2020
00:00:00 249MB | Arnold [197d4d5e] windows icc-17.0.2 oiio-2.1.0 osl-1.11.0 vdb-4.0.0 clm- rlm-12.4.2 optix-6.0.0 2019/09/12 15:17:56
00:00:00 249MB | running on DESKTOP-EP9D3AI, pid=3768
00:00:00 249MB | 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60GHz (20 cores, 40 logical) with 130978MB
00:00:00 249MB | NVIDIA driver version 445.87 (Optix 60700)
00:00:00 249MB | GPU 0: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB @ 1708MHz (compute 6.1) with 6144MB (5497MB available) (NVLink:0)
00:00:00 249MB | Windows 8 Professional (version 6.2, build 9200)
00:00:00 249MB | soft limit for open files raised from 512 to 2048
00:00:00 249MB |
00:00:00 249MB | [htoa_op] Begin registration ...
00:00:00 249MB | loading plugins from C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/plugins ...
00:00:00 249MB | alembic_proc.dll: alembic uses Arnold
00:00:00 249MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte uses Arnold
00:00:00 249MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte_filter uses Arnold
00:00:00 249MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte_manifest_driver uses Arnold
00:00:00 249MB | htoa_mandelbulb_proc.dll: mandelbulb uses Arnold
00:00:00 250MB | loaded 5 plugins from 3 lib(s) in 0:00.00
00:00:00 250MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/cameras.mtd
00:00:00 250MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/lights.mtd
00:00:00 250MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/operators.mtd
00:00:00 250MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/options.mtd
00:00:00 250MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/shaders.mtd
00:00:00 251MB | [htoa_op] Loading metadata file: C:/Users/z640/htoa/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/htoa-4.3.0_r48c4031_houdini-17.5.391/arnold/metadata/shapes.mtd
00:00:00 251MB | [rop_operators] Registering operators ...
00:00:00 251MB | [rop_operators] operator registration done.
00:00:00 256MB | [vop_shaders] Registering shaders ...
00:00:00 258MB | [vop_shaders] shader registration done.
00:00:00 258MB | [htoa_op] End registration.
00:00:00 258MB |
00:00:00 258MB | releasing resources
00:00:00 258MB | Arnold shutdown
00:00:00 56MB WARNING | rendering with watermarks because of failed authorization:
00:00:00 56MB | [rlm] error initializing license system:
00:00:00 56MB | [rlm] * Can't read license data (-102)
00:00:00 56MB | [rlm] solidangle_LICENSE = (not set)
00:00:00 56MB | [rlm] RLM_LICENSE = (not set)
00:00:00 56MB | [clm] ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE = (not set)
00:00:00 56MB | [clm] LM_LICENSE_FILE = (not set)

I would highly appriciate if you could help me out! (the trial license i can also not install)

Thank you in advance!

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htoa.png (156.0 KiB)
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You are using Arnold

Single-user licensing requires Arnold 6


Can I access previous versions of Arnold with single-user subscription?

Yes. Single-user subscription does support previous versions of Arnold using RLM licensing. To request previous RLM version access, send a request to with the address of your computer and your Autodesk account sign-in information.

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