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Query AOV existence Maya


I'm trying to write a script that makes it easier to create Light AOV's using LPE's (Light Path Expressions). But I just can't find a way to query the existence of previously created AOV's and skip those.

I'm following a tutorial I found from Arvid Schneider so some steps are from his video.

Here is what I have so far:

custAovLst = []
  for lightSel in range(len(LightList)):
     lgt_name = cmds.listRelatives(LightList, shapes = 1)
     aov ='setAttr -type "string" {}.aiAov {};'.format(lgt_name[lightSel], 'lgt_' + lgt_name[lightSel].replace("Shape", ""))

 for light in LightList:
     aovName = cmds.getAttr(light + '.aiAov')

def aovCreate():
     for aovPass in custAovLst:
         if cmds.attributeQuery(aovPass , node = ".aiAov", ex = True):
             lightAov = aovs.AOVInterface().addAOV(aovPass, aovType='rgba')
             aiAov = pmc.PyNode(lightAov.node)
             aiAov.lightPathExpression.set("C.<L.'" + aovPass + "'>.*") 


Any help or advice on how to achieve this or a better way to go on hits is more than welcome!

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