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BiFrost Render oddities help

Hi there!

I am quite new to Bifrost and the specific simulation I'm trying to create is a little above my knowledge level and resources I could find, so I'm posting on here. The render here is of speakers, with the inner bit jutting out and causing the water to propel up and then come back down. I had to do a lot of testing to get it to work, and it is, mostly. But upon trying to render last night, I realized a lot of water particles start popping in and out after the first few "bumps". Again, this is my first stab at Bifrost and as such a lot of settings I just messed with until it looked okay, but now the simulations are so in depth I don't have the time to keep recaching it so figured I'd check on here to see if anybody has an idea what setting would be causing this issue and how to solve it. I posted a video of it rendered, in the beginning the first few bumps work fine, but at the end you'll see the issue appear.

My setup for this is a flattened sphere as the emitter with a motion field on it which is bringing the water back to the spot after each jump, without that it went everywhere, I included my settings of the motion field too with this. The transport and time stepping are really high because I was experiencing significant volume loss to the point where by the end of 800 frames the fluid was essentially gone.

While I ask this I might as well also ask, is there a setting to play with that could cause the fluid to jump higher on each bump? I had this happening during a few tests but it was usually at the expense of losing volume which over a 800 frame sequence doesn't work.

Thanks for your time!

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