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ai.dll crashed

I build a very simple model and when I add light and changed the exposure it happened. (IPR window open and render start)


C4D: R23.110 education version屏幕截图-2021-04-05-223748.png

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Is this crash reproducible? Can you supply the _BugReport.txt listed above? How about a verbose logfile? Attaching a scene that always crashes would be ideal for us.

Without more information I'm afraid there's not much we can suggest or do to fix this crash.

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This is crash reproducible.

Here is the bug report & .c4d file


Thanks a lot!

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-bugreport.txt (367.2 KiB)

Thanks, it does look like it's an arnold crash.

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And the .c4d file seems too big to upload

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Can you simplify the scene while still having it crash? Sometimes while doing this you might even find out what the problem is.

Otherwise you could upload the scene somewhere else, like google drive, and share that link.

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Also, it always happens when IPR is runing.

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