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How to split assemble ass with disable operators and after merge not lose anything?

There is an assembled scene, procedural with large number of primitive groups, all groups collected to different collections, it is extremely hard to work with everything in one branch, so is more isealy to separate all asset inside assemble *.ass into different branches and merge them at the end into one branch.
the problem is we have ground and grass group and prune it for each other, example: first is disable1 - #ground and second disable2 - #grass, after merge it in to one branch we lose in render ground and grass.
How to merge separeted branch and not lose anything? Like in Blast node in SOP?

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Sorry, I'm not sure I understand.

You have multiple Arnold Procedural nodes in the scene, and each Procedural has a Disable operator.

You then somehow merge the Procedural nodes? This is the part I'm not clear on. Maybe you could upload a simple example of the set up?

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I think the question can be closed, I thinking that by create two branches, the geometry will be calculated twice, as in the SOP, and need to delete the excess, and only then I understood that there is nothing to duplicate

this is exampleoperator2.jpg

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operator2.jpg (76.3 KiB)

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