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HtoA archive export: "expand procedurals" and packed alembics


we recently had this weird issue with packed alembics and I just managed to reproduce it with HtoA 3.1.0 in Houdini 16.5.536:

Exporting packed alembics to an .ass archive and enabling "expand procedurals" in the ROP leads to offset transforms when this archive is rendered. The bounding box it displays in Scene View is correct though and exporting the same archive without "expand procedurals" enabled works as expected as well.

The following image shows both archives rendered and while "07_procedural_packed" matches the original geometry's position, "08_procedural_expanded" is offset:

Here's a scene that reproduces the issue:
To make it work, just select `/out/09_render` and click "Render to Disk".

The cricital point is that both `/obj/01_box_transformed` and `/obj/03_import_transform_again/_01_box_transformed` are transformed and although rendering them as packed alembics works just fine, something must be missing or just handled differently at procedural expansion.

The only workaround I found for now was unpacking/converting the packed alembic right after `/obj/03_import_transform_again/READER/Alembic`.

Would be great if this can fixed!

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