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VDB displacement MtoA doesn't work

So, first I wanted to thank Lee Griggs for all of his amazing work and inspiration that he's bought me and I'm sure a lot of other artists.

Now, on to the issue. The issue that I've been having has been with trying to displace an Arnold volume within Maya. I am unsure whether this issue is because I'm using a vbd file for the Arnold volume or whether that is ok and the issue is with the volume itself. The vbd file I'm using came from and I'm using the explosion vdb. Strangely, it seems as though the displacement works perfectly fine with standard shapes, very similar to the simplified scene given to us by Lee Griggs within his polymesh to volume tutorial. It seems that any displacement does not affect the volume at all whether that be using a camera projection or whether that be using a simple AINoise node. I'm wondering if there's something that you have to do that is different with an Arnold volume than there is to do with a mesh being used as a volume; if so would be lovely to have some feedback.

Thank you in advance!

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