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Arnold causing C4D to stutter and crash after using Material Editor, Image nodes


This issue has come up in the last two days. After using anything in the material editor, and constantly the image node, even if no image is attached to it, the software will stutter and lag across the entire platform. Everything in C4D will take 10-15 seconds to click on and activate.

Using the latest version of c4dtoa, Arnold And C4D S22

Constant issue across all scenes.

Computer on: Razer Blade Studio, 32 GB RAM, Quadro 5000, 2.6 Hex core intel cpu

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macOS or Windows? Did you upgrade anything in the last two days? Reboot the machine? Change anything else?

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Hi @ no upgrades, running on Windows, I tried rebooting, and a fresh install of both Arnold and C4D. But issues persist.

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Did you try reverting to a previous version (e.g. C4DtoA 3.0.4) to see it this is a new bug in the latest plugin? Does this happen even in a very basic scene (e.g. some basic objects with basic materials)?

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