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Crowds and velocity motion blur

Hi guys,

been following the usd progress on github but wanted to make sure im not overlooking anything. Is there any way to render agents with deformation velocity motion blur without the need to unpack them?

Usd works perfectly - the caches are clean, small and fast. The only thing missing is the motion blur. With bakeskinning (which makes it a little less small and fast) i can get them to blur in Soalris, but if i write the usd out and feed it through the procedural, the render hangs if i enable the motion blur on the rop.

Is that something that could potentially fix that issue in the near future or should i just go the good old route of unpacking all the agents, adding the velocity attribute and writing them all to ass file (which unfortunately is neither small and certainly not fast...) but the only option that i can seem to get working right now.

thanks a lot,


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